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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am new to therapy. How do I begin?

A: You just did! The process starts when you make the decision to find a therapist. I schedule fee-free 15-minute telephone consultations. If we schedule a first appointment, I will send you a secure link to my online portal. There you will find the forms to complete prior to your first appointment.


Q: Do you have in-person appointments?

A: Yes. I am in office for in-person appointments. In-person appointments are my preference. Telehealth offers convenient access to care for those with time constraints and/or limitations.  



Q: Do you make exceptions to your office hours?

A: I generally do not make exceptions to my office hours. If an exception is considered, it is only for established clients. Any appointments scheduled outside of regular business hours must be paid in advance.


Q: I am worried that I might be emotional when talking about my concerns. Is that okay?

A: Of course! If what brought you to therapy had an easy fix you would have already done home...for free. I am honored when clients feel safe to share their emotions.


Q: How do I know you won't be judgmental of me and my concerns?

A: Life isn't perfect. Humanity isn't perfect. I am human too. My role isn't to judge you. My role is to help you find the roots of your concerns and the path to healing.


Q: How long will I be in therapy?

A: Therapy is voluntary. The goal of therapy is to complete therapy. As you get closer to achieving your goals, we will schedule with increasing time between appointments. When indicated, we will conclude the therapeutic process and discuss options for future needs, should they arise.


Q: Will I have homework or tasks between appointments?

A: Therapy works when you work in sessions and between appointments. I may assign books, audiobooks, behavioral assignments, thought changing practices, relaxation techniques, communication exercises, writing assignments, etc. 

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