Eye Movement Desensitization

and Reprocessing Therapy


COVID-19 Update:

EMDR Therapy is Telehealth Friendly

In the vast majority of cases, EMDR therapy can be done remotely via Telehealth. In this new age of Telehealth, EMDR therapy continues to be a powerful resource and treatment for many concerns.

EMDR therapy is a well researched and highly effective treatment for trauma, anxiety and many other concerns.  EMDR therapy removes the blocks and imbalances in our memory networks. Once the blocks are out of the way, healing begins.


In my years of practice, I have found it to be the fastest and most effective way to help clients resolve trauma, anxiety and persistent reactivity.  It complements talk therapy and is done during a regular counseling session.  


For more information on EMDR therapy, please visit the EMDR Institute at www.emdr.com.


Anne Brown, MS, LPC, PLLC

An In-Person (resuming  July 2021) and Telehealth Practice

Licensed Professional Counselor and EMDR Therapist

Scottsdale, Arizona